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4-C-PVP crystal For Sale

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4-C-PVP(crystal) is a new research chemical act as a psychostimulant.It is similar with a-PVP. Its purity is over 99.3%.
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4-C-PVP(crystal) is a new research chemical act as a  psychostimulant.It is similar with a-PVP. Its purity is over 99.3%.There is very little information regarding the pharmacology of 4-C-PVP crystal within the scientific literature. So it is available for sale as a grey area research chemical through Rc meds world.

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Rc meds world can offer you truly high-quality 4-C-PVP manufactured with extremely advanced techniques at state of the art facilities. Rc meds world has a unique perspective of 4-C-PVP as a product because of its position as one of the few market leaders in the designer drugs production industry. Boasting of clients from all over the globe, Rc meds world is more than capable of handling your requirements, regardless of which industry you operate in or what area of the world you hail from.

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Emphasis has always been on the quality of production at RC Chemical and its manufacturing facilities conform to all manufacturing standards laid down by national and world bodies. The result is the creation of 4-C-PVP batches which are more than 99 percent pure. You will find it hard to buy 4-C-PVP crystal of this quality in the market because the production of 4-C-PVP is not easy; leave aside production standards of more than 99 percent purity.

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4-C-PVP crystal For Sale

MOLAR MASS 265.78 g·mol−1
PURITY ≥99.8%

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